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Hire the best tech talent from universities

Conduct accurate coding assessments faster and
remotely assess students from universities across the globe

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Remote-ready platform to help you hire better from universities

Remote visit

Remote visit

Visit more universities without the need for travel and cast a wider net to identify the best tech talent

Assess students remotely


Assess students remotely through accurate online assessments with best-in-class proctoring

Remote Interviews


Remotely interview students with our tech video interview tool FaceCode with a panel of hiring managers

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Helping ZS reduce its recruitment cycle and improve the quality of Machine Learning hires

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Assess Job

Accurately assess job-readiness in a few minutes

Thanks to a library of 13,000+ questions and a dev-friendly user experience, HackerEarth lets you assess a candidate’s coding ability while simulating the on-job coding environment.

Prevent plagiarism with the most advanced proctoring features

With ip-based geofencing and elimination of impersonation, tab-switching and copy-pasting, HackerEarth ensures that you evaluate only genuine candidates.

Evaluate candidates accurately
Cut bias Screening process

Cut bias out of the screening process

Ensure objective hiring with HackerEarth’s EEOC-compliant platform, and the ability to hide personally identifiable information from assessments and video interviews.

Delight candidates with a fantastic user experience

HackerEarth lets candidates code in the programming language of their choice. Further, in-line error highlighting, auto-complete and linting helps developers focus purely on logic rather than syntax.

Conduct remote interviews effortlessly
Conduct remote interviews effortlessly

Evaluate coding skills in a live interview

Easily set up a pair programming session with candidates and upto 5 panelists and get automated interview feedback on FaceCode, our in-browser code editor that supports 40+ programming languages.

Helping engineering leaders build strong teams

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ZS increased their ML talent pool by conducting campus drives in 80 universities.

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L&T Infotech hired over 100 college graduates without setting foot on a campus

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