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Struggling to make the right hire consistently?
HackerEarth is the answer

HackerEarth can save you hundreds of hours by letting you easily create coding tests and
screen candidates at scale, for over 12 roles and 80 skills.

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Evaluate Candidates

Easy, accurate evaluation of candidates for multiple roles across all levels

Whether you need to hire by role, or for a particular skill, HackerEarth can help by letting you easily create coding tests for over 10 roles and 80 skills, for hundreds of candidates.

Standardise feedback and collaborate easily with hiring managers

HackerEarth makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to collectively evaluate a candidate and make collaborative decisions.

Standardise feedback
ATS Integrations

Streamline hiring with seamless ATS integrations

Thanks to a seamless integration with the ATS provider of your choice, you can set up assessments for candidates and collect feedback from the hiring team, all in one go.

Eliminate bias in the hiring process by masking PII

HackerEarth helps you create diverse tech teams and a culture of inclusion by keeping all assessments free of personally identifiable information, if needed.

Masking PII Masking PII
Hiring Success Rate

Track, measure, and analyze your hiring success rate

Continuously increase the effectiveness of your coding tests with the help of an insight-rich analysis of your hiring funnel.

Helping engineering leaders build strong teams

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