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Spending too much time to hire the right developers?
HackerEarth is the answer

Assess, screen and hire top developers with the coding skills to get the job done.

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Assess Developers

Easily assess developers by job role or skill

Thanks to the massive database of 13,000+ questions of varying difficulty, spanning 12+ job roles and 80+ skills, and the ability to create custom questions, HackerEarth lets you create an assessment in minutes.

Fair technical assessments at scale

With advanced computer vision-based proctoring, HackerEarth eliminates plagiarism, tab switching, and impersonation, making every single assessment a fair one.

Ensure fair assessments
User friendly test experience

Guarantee a user-friendly test experience

HackerEarth lets candidates code in the programming language of their choice. Further, in-line error highlighting, auto-complete and linting helps developers focus purely on logic rather than syntax.

Make data-driven hiring decisions

Analyze each code submission on quality, logical correctness, cyclomatic complexity, time and memory efficiency. Benchmark candidate performance across the applicant pool, to make truly informed hiring decisions.

Data driven hiring Data driven hiring
Evaluate a candidate's programming skills

Evaluate a candidate's programming skills in real-time

Easily set up a pair programming session with candidates and upto 5 panelists and get automated interview feedback on FaceCode, our in-browser code editor that supports 40+ programming languages.

Helping engineering leaders build strong teams

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Kaleyra reduces its screening time by 50% using HackerEarth

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Global Logic

GlobalLogic uses HackerEarth to evaluate candidates in just 20 minutes

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Spend more time interviewing developers with the right skills for the job